Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine


27.05.2005, 18:50
Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine is the first national liberal party in Ukrainian history. The primary aim of LDPU is to assist the foundation of civil society with high living standards and humane constitutional state, in which the rights and freedoms of a person are the main priorities. The party stands for humanism, democracy, economical independence based on private enterprise and market relations, for values those common to all mankind.

Its Constituent Congress was held on November 24, 1990. The Statute and the Program of the party was adopted during this Congress. The party was headed by co-chairmen Vladimir Klimchuk and Eugeniy Ryleev. On the 17th of July, 1992 Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine was registered by Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

In 1999, Igor Dushyn was elected the Chairman of the party on alternative principles.

Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine participated in following election campaigns:

1998 - parliamentary elections, the party traced into “European choice” block;
2002 - parliamentary elections, the party traced “Winter generation team” block;
2004 - LDPU Congress recommend the chairman of LDPU, Igor Dushyn, as a candidate for the President of Ukraine.

On February 26, 2005 the 10th LDPU Congress took place in Kyiv. The main conclusion of the Congress is the official declaration of 2006 election campaign beginning for both Parliament and regional councils.
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