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28 November, 2022
Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine
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02.12.2005 15:19 / Actions and events
Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine received letter of congratulations on the 15th anniversary from their Azerbaijan colligues - Liberal-Democratic Party of Azerbaijan.
28.11.2005 19:27 / Actions and events
Press-service of Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine announces the date of the XI Party Congress. On the initiative of Igor Dushyn - the chairman of Lideral-Democratic Party of Ukraine celebrations of LDPU's 15th annivensary will take place in Kyiv on December 17 after the XI Party Congress.
24.11.2005 20:41 / Declarations
Dear adherent of liberal and democratic ideas, everybody, who is interasted in our party's activity, who visits our website! Congratulations!
24.11.2005 12:15 / Declarations
Today is LDPU's 15th anniversary, but we spend this day in active preparation to the parliamentary elections. There is no time to celebrate. We wish to see our leader or several representatives in Verkhovna Rada. But not for any price. I wish us every success.
22.11.2005 11:53 / Comments
No matter what they say, today is the real holiday. But individual for every citizen of Ukraine. The President has the holiday of his own. Inspite of all his "efforts" he still became the President.
21.11.2005 18:11 / Actions and events
British Council in Ukraine together with John Smith Memorial Fund sent Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine an official proposal for the party members to participate in John Smith's training program 2006
17.11.2005 19:42 / Actions and events
Kyiv city organization of Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine examined situation around reconstruction of one of Pechersk blocks. According to the decision of organizing committee of occupants' general meeting, inhabitants of this block are planning to block off traffic on Bastionna, Kikvidze, Kateryna Bilokur and Podvysocky streets on November 18.
17.11.2005 17:05 / Actions and events
Igor Dushyn - son and grandson of the Great Patriotic War veterans, the head of Liberal Democratic Party of Ukraine considers that the idea of conciliation of GPW veterans and members of national liberation movement is a political mistake.
11.11.2005 15:42 / Actions and events
Closer to the parliamentary elections LDPU's central office changed its location on the 14th of November.
03.11.2005 17:29 / Actions and events
LDPU's regional organizations decided to follow the example of Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine in holding open contests.
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