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20 June, 2024
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23.08.2005 22:31
Igor Dushyn felicitated his countrymen on City Day and wished them happiness, health, wisdom and tremendous potential of wholesome regional egoism, that will help all us make Kharkiv the center of inventions for the whole world and for everyone of us.
18.07.2005 20:54
Liberal-democratic party of Ukraine welcomes the initiative of the first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk as to establishing public Forum "For united Ukraine".
08.07.2005 14:23
Liberal-democratic party of Ukraine presents sincere condolence to families of the deceased and to all the British people, concerning tragic events that happened in London on 7th of July...
09.06.2005 15:37
Liberal-democratic party of Ukraine congratulate the players of Ukrainian national football team, coach and maintenance staff and of course all our football fans with such an outstanding and important victory over present European football champions – team of Greece.
11.05.2005 20:56
The occasion to this letter was the situation concerning registration of "PORA" party.
11.05.2005 18:16
The Chairman of LDPU Igor Dushyn addressed the letter to chiefs of city, region and district organizations of LDPU as to participation in activity of social and political organization "Za volyu narodu!".
05.05.2005 20:36
Lately, the problem of possible raise of passing barrier for parties at the elections since 2006 from 3 to7 percent is being actively discussed.
04.05.2005 20:41
Our address to you is determined by the fact that for fifteen years of its activity Liberal-democratic party of Ukraine had never departed from its principles. We always insisted on necessity of liberisation of economics and reformation of STAU as the essential part of this program.
30.04.2005 22:51
From Liberal democrats of Ukraine to compatriots.
11.04.2005 20:26
"I hope that in the future your fundamental position concerning protection of rights of businessmen and active actions in this direction will give us the opportunity to fight interests of native business together and make everything possible for impetuous development of economics of our country", - hereof is said in the letter of Liberal-democratic party of Ukraine.
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