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20 June, 2024
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27.10.2005 23:32
Declaration of the cairman of Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine Igor Dushyn supporting the All-Ukrainian protest action of Ukrtainian taxi drivers.
27.10.2005 15:36
It came to our knowledge, that several Crimean party organization in the process of elections preparation decided to contact the chairman of Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia Vladimir Zhyrinovsky. We consider that such technological steps are to become a great political and idiological mistake, which is to assault reputation of our party.
29.09.2005 19:03
"You are one the seven oldest parties, resistered by the Ministry of Justice earlier then we. We wish you success and prosperity, new supporters, realized projects which we are always ready to join" - said in congratulation.
12.09.2005 19:35
On the 12th of September chairman of Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine Igor Dushyn congratulated President of Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, Prime Minister of Japan Junichiro Koizumi on his landslide win in parliamentary elections.
08.09.2005 17:22
This was a comment on latest events in the state given by Igor Dushyn. He cosiders that for nine months of the new governing this was the first decision by Victor Yuschenko, which have proved the existance of the President in Ukraine.
06.09.2005 15:33
Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine conciders that todays situation in the state requires immediate and decisive actions from the President of Ukraine. Now it is clear that governing team isn't able to preserve it's current form, transforming state processes into permanent collisions for spheres of influence on Victor Yuschenko and other seals.
05.09.2005 21:18
After "orange revolution" victory, the main thesis of which was the noble struggle for domination of legal norms and laws governmental authorities place on the agenda ideas, which are unacceptable for Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine. These are, so called, social justice and, especially, denationalization.
05.09.2005 16:21
Kharkiv regional organization of Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine prepared and spread a statement on escalation of tariffs for housing and communal services, which is to be introduced in Kharkiv
25.08.2005 21:44
Mutual declaration of Igor Dushyn as the Chairman of Liberal-democratic Party of Ukraine, Oleg Soskin as the leader of Ukrainian national conservative Party, Denis Kostrzhevskiy as the leader of "Party of Remedy" and Lyudmila Yankovskaya as the leader of "All-Ukrainian party of peace and unity".
25.08.2005 20:57
In this address I would like to express my political position as to detention of Ukrainian politician Evgen Kushnaryov.
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