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20 June, 2024
Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine
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Liberty for everyone is the foundation of freedom for all

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23.08.2009 13:37
Igor Dushyn on behalf of Liberal-democratic party of Ukraine congratulated our compatriots with the Independence Day
16.07.2007 21:44
26.01.2006 14:38
On the night of January 24th/25th burned down the office of Ukrainian Rating Agency "URA". Fire caused significant damage of the office above which is the headquarters of Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine.
10.01.2006 19:51
Kyiv municipal organization of Lideral-Democratic Party of Ukraine official declares a protest against actions of goverment aimed at the sabotage of election campaign 2006.
06.01.2006 17:59
May joy and prosperity come to your home. May God's blessing be with all your affairs sanctified with eternal symbols of Belief, Hope and Love.
31.12.2005 12:10
We trully wish you Merry Christmas and happy New Year. May all your dreams come true, may this new year become a year of changes for you and your relatives and a new stage for Ukraine on its way to freedom and democracy.
25.12.2005 23:45
I'd like to cogratulate all the delegates on 15th anniversary of the party. It's obvious that we can't consider LDPU real party without its basis, without Institute of Liberalism, without people who worked uppon the propagation of liberal ideas.
08.12.2005 19:47
LDPU's Kyiv municipal organization supported civic initiative of Kyiv citizens in their protest against the decision of Kyiv City Council on reconstruction of residential area near the Botanic Garden (triangle between Bastionna, Kikvidze, Kateryna Bilokur and Podvysotcka streets)
24.11.2005 20:41
Dear adherent of liberal and democratic ideas, everybody, who is interasted in our party's activity, who visits our website! Congratulations!
24.11.2005 12:15
Today is LDPU's 15th anniversary, but we spend this day in active preparation to the parliamentary elections. There is no time to celebrate. We wish to see our leader or several representatives in Verkhovna Rada. But not for any price. I wish us every success.
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