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19 July, 2024
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LDPU expresses sympathy with British people concerning tragic events that happened in London on 7th of July.

08.07.2005, 14:23/ Declarations
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Liberal-democratic party of Ukraine expresses sincere sympathy with families of the deceased and with all British people in connection with tragic events that occurred in London on 7th of July.

We strongly denounce terrorism in any of its demonstrations. There's no excuse for terrorists' acts that took away dozens of innocent people. Responsibility of politicians and all the people on Earth today consists in importing such substantial and qualitative changes into relations between people and nations, which will make terrorism impossible, inadmissible in resolving any conflicts including political.

We hope that people around the world will learn to hear each other and respect the right of every person for life, dignity, creation and joy.

Please accept our sympathy. We grieve together with you and believe that with common efforts of all the people terror will be rejected and condemned by all laws, beliefs and cultures of the world.

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08.11.2023  16:31 / Comments
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