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23 April, 2024
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03.03.2022 20:09
War of free world with totalitarian - war of ideas, war of people
14.12.2023 18:45
Tusk, as a long-time friend of Ukraine, promised to demand the continuation of the Western aid to Ukraine.
08.11.2023 16:31
Today the Commission recommends that the Council opens accession negotiations with Ukraine - Ursula von der Leyen.
13.11.2022 16:03
Millions of Ukrainians, as well as our allies in the world, share with you the joy of extreme victories of our glorious armed forces!
22.09.2021 13:34
Sincerely congratulate the Liberal Party of Canada and its leader - Prime Minister of Canada Jastina Trudeau with a election win. This victory gives hope for further development of friendly relations between Ukraine and Canada, as well as between the liberals of both countries.We wish success in parliamentary and government work.
27.08.2018 13:06
U.S. Senator John McCain III, who has died at the age of 81, was a naval bomber pilot, prisoner of war, conservative maverick, giant of the Senate. Hero, political player, negotiator, friend of independent Ukraine. McCain has always supported Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression. The senator became famous in December 2013 for visiting the then-incipient EuroMaidan Revolution, touring protest camps arranged on Kyivs central square. Two years later, McCain spent New Years Eve 2017 at a forward combat outpost with Ukrainian troops in the village of Shyrokine, near the Azov sea port city of Mariupol. We will remember him as an honest, intelligent, consistent and brave man. A light memory to a friend of Ukraine!
15.01.2015 18:05
The European Parliament strongly condemns Russias aggressive and expansionist policy, which constitutes a threat to the unity and independence of Ukraine and poses a potential threat to the EU itself, including the illegal annexation of Crimea and waging an undeclared hybrid war against Ukraine, including information war, blending elements of cyber warfare, use of regular and irregular forces, propaganda, economic pressure, energy blackmail, diplomacy and political destabilisation; stresses that these actions are in breach of international law and constitute a serious challenge to the European security situation; emphasises that there is no justification for the use of military force in Europe in defence of so-called historical and security motives or for the protection of ones so-called compatriots living abroad; calls on Moscow to stop escalating the situation by immediately halting the flow of weapons, mercenaries and troops in support of the separatist militias and to use its influence with the separatists to convince them to engage in the political process.
30.12.2013 15:36
During the Party Congress in London, delegates adopted an urgency resolution on the EU-Ukraine Associate Agreement in light of the situation in Ukraine that calls on the European institutions to condemn the use of force against peaceful demonstrators in Kiev and other cities throughout the country and to stress that such blatant disregard of the peoples will to determine their own future is unacceptable in a European country.
13.05.2010 00:12
Liberal Democrats leader Nick Clegg becomes U.K. Deputy Prime Minister and his party will hold five cabinet posts in the new coalition government.
03.02.2006 15:15
LDPU chairman Igor Dushyn gave his comments on the results of the inter-party conference for "Ukrpartinform" reporter.
14.12.2005 19:26
Few days left till the moment, when all the final election lists of candidates for Verkhovna Rada deputies would be formed. According to the new Election Law Ukrainians are to vote for "ideology", but not for "personalities", nevertheless it will depend a lot on the people from top fives of these election lists. The question of Liberal block elective list remains open till the next party congress scheduled on December 18.
12.12.2005 18:35
Civil society starts with me - considers the author of this commentary and enjoins politicians' prudence.
22.11.2005 11:53
No matter what they say, today is the real holiday. But individual for every citizen of Ukraine. The President has the holiday of his own. Inspite of all his "efforts" he still became the President.
26.10.2005 18:30
The sale of the greatest Ukrainian metallurgical complex is interesting because of the publicity of the contest and unexpectedly high amount sum of the deal. Appropriation of these funds can bring to light many serious problems, in particular the problem of unprofessional Ukrainian politicians, considers Igor Dushyn - one of the foundators of Liberal block and the chairman of Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine.
25.10.2005 18:09
The liberals have their own regional approach: they gave their local departments the apportunity to form their own electoral lists creating a row of self-sufficient structures such as "Zaporizhzhya - our city", "Odesa city union", etc.
11.10.2005 20:50
In response to mass media reports that LPU impugned infomation about its joining Liberal block. Press-cutting service of Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine asked the chairman of the party Igor Dushyn to comment on this situation.
30.08.2005 16:52
As it is well-known, in late August in Kyiv the meeting of the Chairman of People's Party V.Litvin and the Chairman of Liberal-Democratic Party of Great Britain Simon Hughes took place.
17.08.2005 15:28
Today we can frequently hear voices saying that women should be given the way to politics and power. Different methods and ways of solving of such a problem are proposed. This is the recent topic of an article in "The Day". The question raised in it is a topical question, especially on the eve of parliamentary elections of 2006.
02.08.2005 18:08
Liberal-democratic party of Ukraine proceeds with discussion concerning liberal perspective for our country, in which more and more people are engaged.
21.07.2005 20:55
It might seem that laudable and critical references are something common after any holiday. But I was obliged to take my pen after reading the opus that was published in job-paper of local communists.
08.07.2005 18:46
The Chairman of LDPU Igor Dushyn commented to the press on events that happened in Verkhovnaya Rada on 5th 7th of July. In his opinion, those events in point of fact have all features of political terror
19.05.2005 17:02
Like many of citizens of our country, you were not indifferent to Eurovision, and you participated in election of Ukraine's representative at this context. But the great chief vice-prime-minister Mykola Tomenko decided in his own way, and Grindjoly turned out to be your representatives
20.04.2005 22:36
Leader of LDPU came out with proposals as to resolution of conflict between investment and building companies of Kyiv and residents of houses located close to building sites, which is reflected in his publication "Agreement as the way out of a deadlock" in "Argumenty I Fakty" newspaper.

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