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19 July, 2024
Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine
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03.03.2022 20:09 / Comments
War of free world with totalitarian - war of ideas, war of people
25.06.2024 17:40 / Comments
Today, on June 25, negotiations on Ukraine's accession to the European Union are to officially begin. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has already congratulated Ukrainians on this historic step.
31.12.2023 17:06 / Declarations
Let the coming year live up to the hopes for good changes! We wish that all of us were alive and well! Plenty for your families! Peaceful and beautiful holidays news and events in the new year!
14.12.2023 18:45 / Comments
Tusk, as a long-time friend of Ukraine, promised to demand the continuation of the Western aid to Ukraine.
08.11.2023 16:31 / Comments
Today the Commission recommends that the Council opens accession negotiations with Ukraine - Ursula von der Leyen.
13.11.2022 16:03 / Comments
Millions of Ukrainians, as well as our allies in the world, share with you the joy of extreme victories of our glorious armed forces!
22.09.2021 13:34 / Comments
Sincerely congratulate the Liberal Party of Canada and its leader - Prime Minister of Canada Jastina Trudeau with a election win. This victory gives hope for further development of friendly relations between Ukraine and Canada, as well as between the liberals of both countries.We wish success in parliamentary and government work.
23.08.2021 18:37 / Declarations
Dear members of the LDPU, supporters and sympathizations of party and liberalism, colleagues of friendly parties and organizations, democratic communities, citizens of Ukraine! Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine and the Liberalism Institute sincerely congratulate all of us with the 30th anniversary of the proclamation of Ukraine's independence. Unfortunately, it is again forced to begin with the fact that the War of Ukraine with Muscovy continues, despite the announcement of the cessation of fire. The democratic world has not yet invented effective levers to the aggressive policy of Putin.
13.11.2020 15:00 / Declarations
The Political Council of the Liberal Democratic Party of Ukraine congratulates Joseph Biden on his election as President of the United States! We wish you success!We hope for Ukraine's strong support in countering Russian aggression.
09.08.2019 14:01 / Declarations
The Kyiv City Organization of the Party is going to the Kyiv local elections in 2020. Member of the Coordinating Council of the Party Yuri Gergeshi has been tasked to create an effective team for this election. His team already has businessmen and members of the public sector. We give the opportunity to nominate candidates for the Kyiv City Council, together with the Yuri team, to active people who share liberal views. Let's fight for Kiev together!
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