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19 July, 2024
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Institute of Liberalism

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The Institute was established in 1999, in June, 19 by decision of V conference of LDPU.

Simultaneously, the Institute of LDPU in Lviv (1995) and the Center of complex studies in Kyiv (1992) were canceled, as well as the Information Center for businessmen (1993) and the Institute of privatization (1994). It was made with the purpose to combine all research institutions of the Party into a single whole structure.

Volodymyr Nikiforovich Klymchuk, a candidate of philological science, who was the Chairman of LDPU from 1992 till 1997, was appointed the Director of the new Institute. The main aim of the Institute was to combine Party's research activity, start developing basic works on theory of liberalism, its ideology, philosophical, sociological, economical, political and ideological basis as well as Party's ideological activity on the whole. To proceed with information and research activity as to working through specific activities of the Party and its organizations, proceed with propagandistic and educational work in the interests of the Party. Among first and foremost tasks that were posed to the Institute the following can be marked out:

  • Academic Council formation;
  • foundation of the Library and archives of Party' s history;
  • creation of Internet Web-page;
  • propaganda organization;
  • launch of education centers;
  • realization of researches in field of philosophy, sociology and political liberalism
  • conferences' holding;
  • launch of news agency and its conduction;
  • management of mass-media releases;
  • launch of an own periodical.

  • Part of enactments listed above was realized in team-work with executive bodies of the Party and its other structures.





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