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21 May, 2024
Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine
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Liberty for everyone is the foundation of freedom for all

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03.03.2022  20:09
War of free world with totalitarian - war of ideas, war of people
Party news
31.12.2023  17:06 / Declarations
Let the coming year live up to the hopes for good changes! We wish that all of us were alive and well! Plenty for your families! Peaceful and beautiful holidays news and events in the new year!
14.12.2023  18:45 / Comments
Tusk, as a long-time friend of Ukraine, promised to demand the continuation of the Western aid to Ukraine.
Liberalism: theory and practice
It's not the first time urgent law changes have been addopted in Ukraine. Once again serious changes to the local elections law addopted by Verkhovna Rada.
Igor Dushyn: choice, we have to make soon, is the choice between growth and total extinction.
Meeting at Maydan started a new phase of political confrontation - the phase of open conflicts and street meetings.

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