Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine

Liberal perspective for Ukraine

18.05.2005, 20:01
What does our country look like today? It's large. It's beautiful. It's ours.
There are many tragic and beautiful events in Ukrainian history. But in the past there's always something that can separate the nation. These are characters, losses, suffering, dreams that didn't come true. They are hard to forgive, they are hard to forget.

But whatever difficult the way of nation's unification might be, we must pass through it together. And for this sake it should be understood the perspective is not in seeking of mistakes, not in punishment of those who are guilty or carrying burden of past on our shoulders. It's in common goals, common vision of the perspective that can unite the nation and make all of us partners in creating our future.

One can describe Ukraine's perspective in fantastic pictures of total happiness and abundance. And Ukraine will surely become such! But the thing is that miracles happen in tales only when a magician makes a spell. In life, miracles happen more often, especially when a person quits relying on a fabulous magician and starts changing outward things.

Such changes are only possible in case if one starts from himself. If he learns to feel himself free, value his dignity and life, respect his rights and rights of other people.

We want to learn it together with you. Not at theoretical studies but at practical examples that all of us face every day in life. Our project "Liberal perspective for Ukraine" is called to all of us, to look at ourselves, at other people, see how authorities and business treat every single citizen and what relations between them should look like.

The Project is based on little stories from our lives that we write together with you. In these stories, one can see the pictures of these days, and what we can make of them tomorrow. The subjects are called upon to open the main point of our relations with the state, government, citizen community in our country. The main task of the project is to teach us how to be free, how to be the master of your life, to cultivate one's feeling of dignity and responsibility.

We hope that you will participate in this project and maybe propose us your those "little stories" and examples, in which one will see the gist of the changes which will enable the wonders of our future to become apparent and obvious for everyone.



2005 Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine.