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22 July, 2019
Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine
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06.10.2005 19:48 / Actions and events
Institute of Liberalism together with liberal parties of Ukraine held "round table" "Liberalism as a model of economic development of Ukraine: problems and perspectives" in Ukrainian House today.
05.10.2005 15:40 / Actions and events
On October 4 declaration of the principles of partnership between Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine and public organization "Regional union "Zaporizhzhya - our city" was signed.
03.10.2005 14:58 / Actions and events
On October 6, 2005 Institute of liberalism together with liberal parties of Ukraine holds "round table": "Liberalism as a model of economic development of Ukraine: problems and perspectives in Media-centre of Ukrainian House.
29.09.2005 16:03 / Declarations
"You are one the seven oldest parties, resistered by the Ministry of Justice earlier then we. We wish you success and prosperity, new supporters, realized projects which we are always ready to join" - said in congratulation.
28.09.2005 17:49 / Actions and events
On September 27 meeting of steering committee of Liberal electoral block was held. The representatives of political parties who initiated the creation of liberal electoral block participated in the meeting.
19.09.2005 10:20 / Actions and events
Today, on September, 19 press conference of three political parties leaders, who initiated the formation of liberal electoral block for elections 2006 took place in informational agency "Unian". Chairman of Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine Igor Dushyn, chairman of Party of Legal Protection Denis Kostrzhevsky, and chairman of Liberal Party of Ukraine Petro Tsyghanko participated in the conference.
17.09.2005 13:18 / Actions and events
On Saturday, the 17th of September Coordination Council conference took place in LDPU's central office.
16.09.2005 14:06 / Actions and events
LDPU leader Igor Dushyn took the floor at the opening of legal advocacy organizations Forum, which took place in House of Federation of Labor Unions of Ukraine. The participants of the Forum signed Common agreement on mutual cooperation among legal advocacy organizations, political parties and community leaders.
14.09.2005 18:38 / Actions and events
On Saturday 17.09.2005 next meeting of Coordination Council, the party's executive board, will take place in pre-election headquarters. In distinction from presious ones the results of the meeting will be placed at forum page for common consideration.
12.09.2005 16:35 / Declarations
On the 12th of September chairman of Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine Igor Dushyn congratulated President of Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, Prime Minister of Japan Junichiro Koizumi on his landslide win in parliamentary elections.
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