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25 April, 2019
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26.10.2005 15:30 / Comments
The sale of the greatest Ukrainian metallurgical complex is interesting because of the publicity of the contest and unexpectedly high amount sum of the deal. Appropriation of these funds can bring to light many serious problems, in particular the problem of unprofessional Ukrainian politicians, considers Igor Dushyn - one of the foundators of Liberal block and the chairman of Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine.
25.10.2005 15:09 / Comments
The liberals have their own regional approach: they gave their local departments the apportunity to form their own electoral lists creating a row of self-sufficient structures such as "Zaporizhzhya - our city", "Odesa city union", etc.
22.10.2005 20:29 / Actions and events
LDPU lanches open contest for the best liberal slogan. Three award-winners of the contesn get interesting libeerral prizes, and the first place winner gets a barrel of beer.
18.10.2005 19:01 / Actions and events
On Monday 17, the chairman of Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine Igor Dushyn was admitted as a honorary member of "Odessa citizens' union" The head of the union Volodymyr Rondin presented the head of LDPU his identity document.
18.10.2005 16:27 / Actions and events
Conference "Liberal perspective in young democracy countries" posponed approximately till February. Such decision was adopted on Monday October 17, at the meeting of senatus academicusof Institute of Liberalism.
17.10.2005 11:30 / Actions and events
On Saturday 15, an agreement on foundation of liberal election block "Odessa citizens' union" was officially signed in Odessa. The foundators of the block are Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine, Liberal Party of Ukraine and Odessa citizens' union.
11.10.2005 17:50 / Comments
In response to mass media reports that LPU impugned infomation about its joining Liberal block. Press-cutting service of Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine asked the chairman of the party Igor Dushyn to comment on this situation.
10.10.2005 13:04 / Actions and events
On October 8 the first stage of project seminar "Political initiative in Crimea" took place in Sevostopol. The main aim of the seminar is to work out conceptual recommendations for forming of pre-elections campaign of Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine in Crimea.
06.10.2005 19:48 / Actions and events
Institute of Liberalism together with liberal parties of Ukraine held "round table" "Liberalism as a model of economic development of Ukraine: problems and perspectives" in Ukrainian House today.
05.10.2005 15:40 / Actions and events
On October 4 declaration of the principles of partnership between Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine and public organization "Regional union "Zaporizhzhya - our city" was signed.
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