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22 July, 2019
Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine
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15.12.2005 17:36 / Actions and events
Today your party enters election campaign - 2006 in Ukraine. We hope you acquire good experiance during this campaign and wish you glorious win. Good luck!
14.12.2005 17:26 / Comments
Few days left till the moment, when all the final election lists of candidates for Verkhovna Rada deputies would be formed. According to the new Election Law Ukrainians are to vote for "ideology", but not for "personalities", nevertheless it will depend a lot on the people from top fives of these election lists. The question of Liberal block elective list remains open till the next party congress scheduled on December 18.
13.12.2005 14:17 / Actions and events
The chairman of Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine Igor Dushyn and the chairman of Progressive Liberal-Democratic Party of Israel Olexandr Redko met in Kyiv earlier today.
12.12.2005 16:35 / Comments
Civil society starts with me - considers the author of this commentary and enjoins politicians' prudence.
08.12.2005 17:47 / Declarations
LDPU's Kyiv municipal organization supported civic initiative of Kyiv citizens in their protest against the decision of Kyiv City Council on reconstruction of residential area near the Botanic Garden (triangle between Bastionna, Kikvidze, Kateryna Bilokur and Podvysotcka streets)
06.12.2005 17:27 / Actions and events
On behalf of liberal democrats LDPU's central office congratulates the Chairman of Party of Legal Protection and his wife Tatyana on the birth of son (3,280)!
03.12.2005 17:15 / Actions and events
The conference of Coordination Concil of Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine took place in Kyiv today, December 3. During the confernce the questions of blocking (creation of blocks) and formation of election lists for campaign-2006 have been concidered.
02.12.2005 13:19 / Actions and events
Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine received letter of congratulations on the 15th anniversary from their Azerbaijan colligues - Liberal-Democratic Party of Azerbaijan.
28.11.2005 17:27 / Actions and events
Press-service of Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine announces the date of the XI Party Congress. On the initiative of Igor Dushyn - the chairman of Lideral-Democratic Party of Ukraine celebrations of LDPU's 15th annivensary will take place in Kyiv on December 17 after the XI Party Congress.
24.11.2005 18:41 / Declarations
Dear adherent of liberal and democratic ideas, everybody, who is interasted in our party's activity, who visits our website! Congratulations!
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