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23 July, 2019
Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine
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20.10.2015 16:56 / Declarations
Congratulations to the Liberal Party of Canada with the triumphant victory in the parliamentary elections. Good luck Justin Trudeau! We hope for the support of Ukraine and fruitful cooperation with our party!
15.01.2015 16:05 / Comments
The European Parliament strongly condemns Russias aggressive and expansionist policy, which constitutes a threat to the unity and independence of Ukraine and poses a potential threat to the EU itself, including the illegal annexation of Crimea and waging an undeclared hybrid war against Ukraine, including information war, blending elements of cyber warfare, use of regular and irregular forces, propaganda, economic pressure, energy blackmail, diplomacy and political destabilisation; stresses that these actions are in breach of international law and constitute a serious challenge to the European security situation; emphasises that there is no justification for the use of military force in Europe in defence of so-called historical and security motives or for the protection of ones so-called compatriots living abroad; calls on Moscow to stop escalating the situation by immediately halting the flow of weapons, mercenaries and troops in support of the separatist militias and to use its influence with the separatists to convince them to engage in the political process.
15.12.2014 10:56 / Actions and events
At the 2014 Congress in Lisbon, Portugal, delegates from across Europe, from ALDE Party member parties and individual members, looked outward and explored the ideological maps of Liberalism to find new ways of taking forward our ideas and values.
30.12.2013 13:36 / Comments
During the Party Congress in London, delegates adopted an urgency resolution on the EU-Ukraine Associate Agreement in light of the situation in Ukraine that calls on the European institutions to condemn the use of force against peaceful demonstrators in Kiev and other cities throughout the country and to stress that such blatant disregard of the peoples will to determine their own future is unacceptable in a European country.
15.10.2010 18:39 / Actions and events
The Congress of the ELDR Party adopted today in Helsinki, Finland a comprehensive policy proposal responding to Europe's greatest challenge of the 21st Century: Demographic change!
12.05.2010 21:12 / Comments
Liberal Democrats leader Nick Clegg becomes U.K. Deputy Prime Minister and his party will hold five cabinet posts in the new coalition government.
23.08.2009 10:37 / Declarations
Igor Dushyn on behalf of Liberal-democratic party of Ukraine congratulated our compatriots with the Independence Day
16.07.2007 18:44 / Declarations
03.02.2006 13:15 / Comments
LDPU chairman Igor Dushyn gave his comments on the results of the inter-party conference for "Ukrpartinform" reporter.
01.02.2006 11:20 / Actions and events
Inter-party conference of election block of "Kyiv civil activists union" took place in Kyiv. Eleection program, executive boards of the block and the list of candidates for block deputies were adopted at the conference.
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