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20 March, 2019
Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine
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29.12.2018 11:18
The LDPU Party Staff wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
12.10.2018 15:26
Statement by LDPU Chairman Yakiv Goldenberg regarding the decision of the Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate
23.08.2018 19:25
Happy Independence Day! The head of Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine (LDPU) Yakiv Goldenberg wished victory!
06.05.2017 09:26
Liberal Democratic Party of Ukraine has prepared a report for the first quarter of this year to provide the National Agency on corruption prevention.
14.11.2015 13:59
Leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Ukraine Yakiv Goldenberg send messages of grief and solidarity after Paris attacks.
20.10.2015 16:56
Congratulations to the Liberal Party of Canada with the triumphant victory in the parliamentary elections. Good luck Justin Trudeau! We hope for the support of Ukraine and fruitful cooperation with our party!
23.08.2009 10:37
Igor Dushyn on behalf of Liberal-democratic party of Ukraine congratulated our compatriots with the Independence Day
16.07.2007 18:44
26.01.2006 12:38
On the night of January 24th/25th burned down the office of Ukrainian Rating Agency "URA". Fire caused significant damage of the office above which is the headquarters of Liberal-Democratic Party of Ukraine.
10.01.2006 17:51
Kyiv municipal organization of Lideral-Democratic Party of Ukraine official declares a protest against actions of goverment aimed at the sabotage of election campaign 2006.
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