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26 February, 2020
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About the meeting of People's Party and Liberals-Democrats from Great Britain

30.08.2005, 13:52/ Comments
The member of Coordination Council of LDPU, Volodymyr Mykolajovych Timonin /
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As it came to be known, in late August in Kyiv the meeting took place starring the Chairman of People's party V.Litvin and the President of Liberal-Democratic Party Simon Hughes. Leaders of both parties had signed the Agreement about main directions of partnership, in which it is particularly said:
- we express the intention to strengthen collaboration between People's party and Liberal-democratic party by means of accomplishing visits of British specialists to Ukraine and people deputies of Ukraine and future parliamentarians to the Great Britain and so on.

In addition to positive impressions of this meeting, it was a surprise that Liberal-democratic party of Great Britain found time to meet with representatives and main persons of the so-called "people ideology" in Ukraine, which was very popular in Europe lately, - People's party, which has a skeptical attitude to attempts of politicians of liberal-democratic ideology in Ukraine to transform their parties into popular ones.

At the same time, unfortunately, the liberals from Great Britain did not meet with representatives of one of the oldest parties of Ukraine – LDPU and its leader Igor Dushyn.

We cannot but hope that liberals from Great Britain will positively influence People's party and its ideology, and after this the latter will possibly became liberals and find time to meet with LDPU representatives, since on the meeting it was declared that there will be meetings woth othr parties for further collaboration and widening of democracy in Europe.

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